Vello Tc-N1
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Professional Grade

Improves Tripod-Mounted Lens Balance

Vertical Alignment Marks

Simple to put in and to get rid of

Rotates for Horizontal/Vertical Shooting

Thumbscrew Tightens and Loosens Ring

Secure Fit

Vello TC-N1 Tripod


The Vello TC-N1 stand Collar for Nikon 70-200mm f/4 G Lens from Vello is meant for the Nikon 70-200mm f/4 G zoom lens and attaches on to the lens to produce a stable and well-balanced mount once lens and camera area unit connected to stand. The inbuilt stand collar improves balance and reduces pressure on the lens mount once shooting with long lenses as a result of it attaches on to the lens. The ring style and thumbscrews build rotating your lens easier and vertical alignment marks facilitate once dynamical the orientation from horizontal to vertical. With the enclosed bushing, either a 3/8″ or a 1/4″ stand mount will be used.

Product Features:

Improve lens balance

Gives your camera installation perfect balance

Easily Rotate

Comfortable Removable

1/4″-20 Adapter

vello tc- n1