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Travel Photos

Whenever you travel you always feel that take perfect travel photos. Here in this article, I shared some travel pictures ideas for you.

  • Mostly in the rain, We want to click some interesting photos like the raindrop on leaves, flowers, Fruit, and other things also droopy flowers, Mud puddles, The raindrop in widow glass, Wet hair, falling raindrops are photogenic etc.DSC_0470
  • We can get great opportunities to get wonderful pictures.
  • We have to take good care of light because it can be cloudy sky
    cloudy days are natural lighting.
  • On rainy days we need to find a great location for great travel photos and it’s up to the type of photoshoot

  • Rainy seasons we badly need towels.
  • Towels can be lifesavers on these days.


  • Must carry umbrella waterproof bag and packets for the camera as a camera raincoat.


  • When the sun dips low to the horizon late in the afternoon and you have a combination of rain and sunlight, you can anticipate a rainbow


Travel photos


Take travel photos in rain using a circular polarizing filter, but warns that it can eliminate the rainbow if you’re not careful.

The trick is to study what’s happening with the viewfinder.

And turn the polarizer to bring out a little more snap and contrast in the scene.

Rainy day taking photo tricks is safe the camera from the rain.

After that, you can take photos of children who are in the rain, people cycling in the rain, you can take good photos as well as normal fact, It will be more special,


Rain can blurry your photographs. If you want this effect in your, photo you can use a rainy day properly.

Also, you can use the shutter speed priority mood. Adjust your cameras shutter speed, as a matter of fact, You can make a photo darker or brighter.

Everyone dislike taking a photo on rainy days because of It’s messy. In that case, after using some tricks you can take great photos.


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