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Paharpur Somapura Mahavihara  is an ancient Bihar In Bangladesh.It’s located at paharpur village in Nawgaon District Under Rajshahi Division. The most and famous tourist spot, where you can feel the ancient flavor in every inch of this structure.The Complete Bihar was established by king Dharma Pal. Buddhist monks often come here to take lessons, learn their religious discipline according to the Buddhist religion.The Bihar was designated as a world heritage site in 1985 by UNESCO. As a result, It’s now popular places in the subcontinent of India.

paharpur nowgaonshomapura paharpur bihar

Bihar has its own wide area where you can easily move one places to other places. The total area also covered with an ancient wall boundary. A huge number of tourist from a different country often comes to visit here to enjoy the old history.

paharpur buddhist bihar

I went there on a festival Eid Day. A huge number of people come here on Festival Day like Eid, Puja, Pohela Boishak. Local people regularly visit here to get refreshment with their beloved one. They take each other photos, take selfies to save the memory. Indeed, It’s a place for that tourist who enjoys the old history.

Paharpur Somapura Mahavihara


What to food:

There are no high classes restaurants near Paharpur. Nevertheless, You can have your food with the local hotel.

Where to stay:

Surely, You can Stay Near Paharpur. But don’t look for high classes hotels. There are a few local hotels so, you can spend your night here without searching 5 stars or the 4-star hotel out there.

How to go there:

However, It’s an easy way to go there from Dhaka. Within 6 hours you can reach If you don’t face any Traffic Mess.

(I went there within 5 hrs from Dhaka As a result of Free Road.)

  • At First Dhaka (Gabtoli Bus Stand) to Nowgaon bus stand.
  • Then From Nowgaon Bus Stand, Hire a CNG or van for Buddhist Bihar.

Even, You can go there Via Train.

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