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Shonargaon Museum

Shonargaon Museum, Shonargaon was the old capital of Bangladesh. There are a folk art and craft museum for the thirsty traveler who looks for history.Yes, it’s a historical place with a lot of her own history. The museum remains open for the tourist from (9 am to 5 pm) without Wednesday and Thursday. There are a lot of antique collection in the museum those you will never found at any other museum or places in the country. “Sadarbari” is the main museum building and it was built by a Hindu Jamider in 1901. It looks like an ancient Indian palace and it has also European flavor when you look at the outside of the palace. The elaborate painting on the outside plaster of the wall are really eye catching, carries historical feel.

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Folk art and craft museum (Lok Shilpo Zadughar) was designed by a Bangladeshi famous painter Jaynul Abedin on 12 march in 1975 after the freedom from Pakistan. You will find an Art gallery of “Zainul Abedin” inside the museum. There is another gallery exhibition consisting of a local tradition of Bangladesh. There is a big beautiful lake inside the museum area. You can ride on a boat on an hourly basis. If you don’t know how to swim, they will provide your life jacket for your safety.

shonarga lakeboatman in shonargaon

awesome lake in shonargaonlake with green tree

You need only 20 taka to enjoy the whole environment of the museum area.

It’s not too far away from Dhaka, Just from 20 k.m.

How to go there:

From Dhaka Gulistan, There are a lot of buses for sonar gaon. Doyel, Swadesh, Borak AC are the best buses to go to Shonargaon. The Fare is also comfortable:

  • Doyel: 43 Taka
  • Swadesh: 40 Taka
  • Borak Ac: 55 Taka

You can reach Mograpara Chowrasta via Dhaka-Chittagong Highway within an Hour. They will leave you at Mograpara Chowrasta on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. From there, you need to ride on a Rickshaw or Auto Rickshaw for Shonargaon Museum. The Fair is too Cheap, Only 20 Tk Rickshaw fare or u can ride Auto Rickshaw by sharing system just for 10 Taka.


There are a lot of restaurants out there near sonar gaon museum. Some are outside of the museum some are the inside of the museum.

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