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Shoilo Propat is an amazing waterfall in Bandarban where lives different types of tribal people. Bandarban is the district for natural beauty with the full hill views. Maximum waterfalls situated at Bandarban in the whole Bangladesh. A huge number of tourist can’t go there due to risky trekking. However, some waterfall situated beside the road. Similarly, Shoilo Propat is one of the most famous and visited natural waterfalls near Bandarban Proper. It’s located at Milanchari Upazila,  on the road to Nilgiri far away 4 km from the proper town of Bandarban. As a matter of fact, You don’t need any trekking to go there. Above all, It’s an easy way to go there for all kinds of tourist.

bandarban waterfallwaterfall forest

In fact, I have almost visited Bandarban three times. Even so, a few months ago I visited the waterfall and that was a memorable tour for my life.  Of course’ It was the rainy season, Perfect Timing to enjoy the waterfall. Moreover, I and my 8 friends were with me on that tour. We taken bath, taken lot of photos, crowded, enjoyed everything out there.

In my Opinion, at rainy monsoon, the flows become forceful to stand on the falls water. Rainy season is the best time to come here. Therefore, maximum visitors come here in the rainy season. They take photos, take bath with the fall.

shoilo propat rainy seasonwide waterfall bandarban

Shoilo Propat is fully maintained by the National corporation of Bangladesh. As a result, there is a Parjatan Motel and it has three storied building on a High Place. The room rent is little high if you compare to the other places. Parjatan Motel, it’s fully maintained by the District Administration of Meghla.

Shoilo Propat

barmiz market bandarbanbandarban barmiz shop

shoilo propat barmiz shopwaterfall market in bandarban

waterfall barmiz market shoilo propattribal market bandarban

In addition, there is a local market like barmiz near the road for tourist lead by the tribal. From this market, I purchased a lot of things for my family and friends. They sell handmade crafts, handloom, shawl, ladies ornaments, Cap, Sunglasses, drinking water etc. On the other hand, the price also comfortable.

You can closely feel the difficult lifestyle of this origin community.

What to Food:

At this point, There is no high classes restaurant at Shoilo Propat. From here on, You can have only Ruti, Banana, Biscuit, Chips etc.

How To go there?

By Bus:

However, There is a number of different type of Transport you will find from Saidabad Bus Stand.

From there, you will just need to purchase a ticket for Bandarban.

After Finally at bandaraban you will then need to hire a “Chander Gari” Local Jeep to go to Shoilo Propat.

By Train:

First, From Kamalapur Railway or Airport station, then, purchase a ticket to go to Chittagong Station.

Next, After Chittagong station, you then again need to purchase a ticket for Bandarban.

Finally, From Bandarban, Of course, Hire a “Chander Gari” local jeep to go to Shoilo Propat.

Even so, To Know more details about Bandarban click Here.

In addition, You can watch my Shoilo Propat video to enjoy the flavor of the rainy monsoon.

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