Rule of Thirds
rule of thirds
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Today we are going to know about the rule of thirds.

So I am just going to write a little bit about the basic principles of the rules of thirds,

Basically, the rule of thirds is one way to improve the composition of a photograph.

Basically, you have the photograph split into a grid made up of nine squares and two horizontal lines going across and then two vertical line going through the middle and basically,

What you want is to get your point of interest along those intersecting lines

So with a portraiture that’s generally the eyes so you would usually have the eyes along that point meeting where the horizontal line meets the vertical line which is one way as well to crop your photo

As well and bearing this grid in mind.

When you applying the rule of thirds your subject will be a little bit right or left and cropped also.

The rule of thirds is probably the fundamental building block of all the rules of composition what you do is you draw to imaginary vertical lines on your image equally spaced apart that dividing it into three section.

Two more horizontal lines equally spaced apart and you have one two three sections,

By placing points of interest or your subject along or near those lines particularly where they cross where they meet you will get a much more pleasing composition

So how do we use this in reality?

  • Set your frame.


  • Select your subject.


  • Set on the vertical third.


The rule of thirds is one of the most widely known and while it’s often thought of as basic

composition understanding the principles behind it means knowing when to use it and when to break it.

If you haven’t heard the rule of thirds this is the article for you.

It’s a simple way start making effective compositions but whats the real reason that it works,

Well, the rule of third effectively accomplishes two main things.

First: It allows you to unambiguously direct attention in your photos creating visually.

If your subjects were more centered your I wouldn’t know which way to travel.

Darjeeling top hill
Darjeeling Hill

Secondly: And possibly, more importantly, the rule of thirds lets you tell people what the

Most interesting part of a scene is this is why landscape photos often put the horizon on

the top third because it’s saying this photo is about the landscape so I am giving it most

of the weight of the photos and the sky well it may be beautiful is less important to

understanding this specific place then the landscape itself is so the sky only gets a third of

the weight of the photo.


Rule of thirds


Well, go to a nice place where you realize that the rule of thirds actually has very little to do

With thirds at all and lots more to do with what you find interesting.