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Shalik Pakhi
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Making own print photograph is always save money.

There was a time when photographs are printed and the album was prepared, for the retention of memory.

I  remember that a lot of my Childhood pictures were taken, and print all the pictures were prepared,

It is very good to see the photos. And it feels special.

But the trend at the present time not to print the picture.

Becuase of the smartphone camera has come hand in hand all the time.

So everyone keeps the picture in mobile memory.

This trend has reduced the image to print.

DuckFuture generations may not know how to print photograph.Printing is a too much trouble,

or hard work if use the technique can found in some of the favorite pictures to print.

When you are a traveler and also a dedicated photographer,

then you have to know, how to print photograph.

Krishno Chura Flower
Red Krishno Chura tree

Nowadays most popular thing is sharing photographs on social media.

But your favorite photos printed copy in your hand is exceptional.As well as a printed photograph is the best gift for your dearest one.

bee on flower
black and white

1. Before print edit photo 

If you need to edit your photograph, like what you want which is prefer your choice.

Then before print must edit your photos as your choice.

You can try this link for photo edit.

boatman with sunset2. A good quality paper 

If you need a good quality photo,

then you have to use a good quality paper.Which prefer your choice.

A good quality paper makes your photo attractive.

good quality papers are little make sure to print only your best or dearest photographs.

boatman on his way

3. Prior to print 

Select “print preview” make sure photos are going to print at the right size, edit your photographs size as you like.

Lenshood Cover
Lens hood

4. Digital print

Its production stage of the digital photography process, before display or distributing and after editing taking place.

It converts the pixel that makes up the image on a screen.

Need a digital printer which attached to the computer or also wireless.after that, need paper include the printer.

Bandarban Nilgir Couple

5. How to take pictures 

Take photos closeup or Micro mood.

In good light, or make sure to take a clear photo for the print photograph.

cox'sbazar sunset beach
cox’s bazar

6. Have to know printer option 

You have to know technology properly.A printer is also a technology.

There is a huge collection of the printer.All are different technology system.

That’s why have to know about technology.

  • Need internet connection if print photo via online photo printing website.
  • Maximum printer are inkjet, it’s easy to use.

If maintain all rules it’s possible to get the best result.Most important that turn power on the printer.

cox'sbazar sunset
cox’s bazar sunset couple

Finally, no one thinks about the cost in every photograph. But everyone needs to think about cost in each photo.   

Also, we have to know that how to print photograph, if don’t know how to print photographs perfectly then feel free to ask google.

One more important things are color if photos color saturation isn’t correct then it can make photo dull.which color is needed or which color makes your photo gorgeous it’s all up to yourself, you have to decide it.

Sometimes for photo clearness need sharpness.So need to increase sharpness.

Industrial professional main printing methods are inkjet or laser. All inkjet printers use ink for print.Have to good knowledge about uses of ink.

Print Photograph