Photography tips for beginners
Photography Tips
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Today, I am gonna share with you 5 Photography tips for beginners in photography that you should know. Let’s get started.

1. Manual Mode

When you are shooting with the auto mode camera does all the things. You are just clicking the shutter button and capturing the image. But Camera doesn’t provide you all the control in the Auto mode. On the other hand, when you are shooting in a manual mode, You have full control over the image.

manual mode photography tips for beginners
manual mode

You can control the motion, depth of field and you can create different creative images. Which you can’t do in the auto mode. Yes, the Manual mode can be a bit difficult when you are new to photography but It’s easy. You need to learn aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and so on. Learn all the things and keep practicing with the manual mode. Eventually, in a couple of weeks, you will improve your photography.

2.Shoot In RAW

Your DSLR camera offers both formats. You can go with the JPEG and RAW format. Now let me explain about JPEG and Raw Format. JPEG is a compressed format, For an example, It’s a made food which is completed by the camera and given to you. If you want to change the taste of the food you will change a bit. But you don’t have a complete control because It’s already made. On the other hand, when you are shooting in RAW The camera is providing you all the raw ingredients.

Shoot In Raw Format
Photography tips for beginners

So, You have the complete control of your image. You can change the overall look of the image. You have much more details in highlights you have much more details in shadow and above all, you have full control over the image. So, when you take this raw file you can have the full control of your images with adobe photoshop, Lightroom and so on.

So there is a huge flexibility for shooting in raw. Start shooting in Raw.

3. Composition

Photography FoundationThere are various Different rules of Composition Such as Rule of Thirds, leading line.

Rule of Thirds

rule of third composition

Photography Tips For Beginners

Rule of the third is you take the whole frame and you divide the whole frame into three equal parts horizontally and vertically and you place the subject of interest into any of the four intersection points. This not only creates a better composition but also draws the human eye to that subject and creates a better dynamic image. So, the rule of third is one of the most important compositions technique.

Leading Line

leading line

The second technique that you can use is leading lines. Leading lines are simply natural lines in your image in your frame that will guide the human eye to the particular subject. This work great and a very dynamic.

Especially when you are having symmetry in your images when you are shooting reflections dividing your frame into half can be a great idea. The composition is a very subjective thing and there are no hard and fast rules for composition. You can try experimenting you can divide your frames into half as well if you think that might lead to a better image. The main point is to use and experiment with different composition and create better looking dynamic images.

 4. Expose for Highlights

Expose for highlights when you are shooting it is very important. When you expose for highlights you might have dark shadows in your image but since our shooting in RAW you can always pick all the details on the post-processing. But if you avoid the highlights or if you overexpose the highlights you can’t do anything.You can’t recover the highlights.

cox'sbazar sunset beach

So, You should always expose for highlights and bring out the shadows, and create better images with as much detail as possible.

5. ISO

Increase ISO when it’s necessary. When you have a dark situation or where the amount of light is less but increasing ISO will introduce the greens and the noise and above all affect the image quality. You have also other option instead of increasing ISO. You can increase the aperture value, you can increase the shutter speed and the amount of light that is coming from the image sensor and get a brighter light image.

photography tips for beginners

Increasing ISO is not a better idea that you can’t increase the aperture or shutter speed. So, Only increase your ISO when you are helpless. If you have options such as tripod, increasing aperture value, you should always try different options because if you are shooting at lower ISO you will get a cleaner and Sharper Image.

Finally, These tips are simply guidelines and simple tips for you as a beginner photographer and it will help you to Enhance your photography skill.