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Photography Basics For Beginners you must follow these 4 things.

There are a lot of compositional ideas in concept. Not every image will have every compositional idea that I am going to discuss in this article. But All images will have 4 things:

  1. A Clearly Defined Subject and Background
  2. Sense of Balance
  3. Point Of View
  4. Degree of Simplicity

These are the compositional concept that you can’t avoid. Now, I am going to explain all the things in Details.

A Clearly Defined Subject and Background

Every photo needs a clearly defined subject and background. When you take an image of the large things such as landscape, Don’t involve human in that photo with the wide frame. Just take the shot with all the details separately. And if you want the human shot with the large background you can just crop the background and focus on the man instead of doing all the things in your frame.

Subject-SajekPhotography Basics For Beginners

This is an example of a clearly defined subject and background.

Yes, you can’t see the whole background. But You can give an idea about the background to your viewers. If you take the shot with the large background and the human face, You can’t clearly define your subject and background properly. So, remember this thing. It’s very irritating view who are seeing the photo.

Subject and objectIn this photo, you can’t clearly be defined the subject and background.

If you need the whole background you can take your shot without a human.

Sajek ValleyHere is the example.

Every Decision that you make as a photographer from composition to exposer, to the way you post process your image, to your decision should color or black and white, all of those contribute to knowing what the subject in the image. And Every photo needs a very clearly defined subject and background.

So, the Good composition is all about the clearly defined subject and Background.

Sense Of Balance

Elements in your frame have compositional weight. It doesn’t mean physical weight, it’s all about graphical weight but it seems physical weight too. You can even balance your image with the color tone. For an example, you have a frame with a soft background one side heavy loaded with few or lot’s of the element you can just adjust your balance by using a dark black color element on the other side in your frame, It can be a tiny bird or anything. A black tiny bird can easily adjust your balance even if your images have another side a huge mountain.

Photography Basics For Beginners

Photography for beginners blog

Check this image, There is a huge weight mountain on the left side and on the other side a dark bafellow balancing the image. Though the mountain has gray color it has weight. In that cases, a tiny dark bafellow can simply adjust the balance.


Photography Basics For Beginners

Now look at this image, We removed the bafellow from the right side and the left side has a heavyweight mountain view. The image is now Imbalance due to heavyweight one side.

balance photograph

Here is another example. Look at this image, There is a loaded shape in the left side and the other side is empty. In this photo, The moon balancing the image.

Balance Photography

In this image, there is a huge weight on the bottom part and all the other side are empty.

The only moon is horizontally balancing this image. If we remove the moon from the top side, the image will be imbalanced.

Point Of View

Point of view is a critical composition decision that you really need to be actively thinking about when you are shooting. You work through all day shooting normally somewhat boring shot. Point of view will often allow you to find subject matter that would otherwise be boring.


By changing your point of view you will get more dramatic point of view more extreme point of view. You can get a more interesting shot, by changing your point of view from a different angle. A simple image can be the more dramatic image after changing your point of view.

point of view photography
point of view

By choosing a point of view below your location, you will see a higher status. This is an emotional choice that you make in setting your camera in a location.

Now, conversely put your camera high and look down, you will see smaller things, lower status, very different emotional content to the image. There is nothing wrong with the composition. I am not saying always put your camera lower down and take the higher shot.

It’s a nice balance composition for both lower or upper point of view. It’s just a choice to give a different point of view to your images by choosing a different angle.

Degree of Simplicity

Degree of simplicity means exactly what it sounds like just keeping it simple. You want to take a picture of a red rose inside of bouquet flowers Rather than standing back and taking a picture of the rows and the bouquet and the setting just feel free to get in there and take a picture of the rose by itself. Just really close.

Degree of simplicity

Another example: you are on a football ground and you want to take a picture of your favorite player. Rather than taking a wide shot with the field and your favorite player and possibly some other players. Feel free to put a longer lens on and zoom in and single out your player. This will leave no debate as to who the focus of the photo is now keeping it simple.

That is what Degree of simplicity in photography.

Above all, don’t avoid any point in this article what I explained Photography Basics For Beginners. Anyhow, If you just avoid a single point your photo will be odd.So, Every image must have all the things and these are very important for all type of photographer.

Photography Basics For Beginners.