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Panama city is the old architectural town in Bangladesh. In here, you will see the history in every corner of the building. Once upon a time, Shonargaon was the capital of Bangladesh. Though right now Dhaka is the main capital of Bangladesh. In shonargaon panama city you will enjoy the old beauty you will feel the old capital of Bangladesh.

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Panama City

Panama City was fully free in the last year for tourist. There is a narrow road between the structural town. The tourist walks the road and enjoys the both side old paradise.

panama city buildingpanama city old townLast year the road was open for all type of vehicles when the spot was free. Now, The rode is closed for vehicle and u need to purchase a ticket to enjoy the history of Panama.

panama city building oldpanama city, shonargaon (7)There is an old Pond where the Mughal used to take bath, passed their leisure time. Some local people also use the pond for their regular life. 

You can feel the history by touching every corner of panama city. But remember some buildings are too much risky. If you want to see the whole things from the roof do not do it by yourself. You can get help by requesting the guard. They will help you to go there. Or you can also get help from local people. They are used to go there.

How to go there:

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From Dhaka Gulistan, There are a lot of buses for Mograpara Chowrasta. Doyel, Swadesh, Borak Ac. The bus fare is not so high.
Doyel- 43 Tk
Swadesh- 40 Tk
Borak Ac – 55 Tk

panama city

Every day peoples come here to enjoy the old beauty with their family and beloved one. Foreigner also comes here from the various part of the world for their research task, photography etc. The whole place is secured so you don’t need to worry.

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