Nuhash Palli
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Nuhash Polli

Nuhash Polli is a natural tourist spot located at Pirujalai Village, the largest village in Bangladesh near Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. From Gazipur to Hotapara, it’s distance all about 12 km away. From Hotapara bazar to Pirujali village, it’s about 8 km far away.  

When I was entering Pirujali Village to go to Nuhash Polli, I was feeling awesome with the beauty of and Gazari Trees beside my both sides.  It’s like a deep forest. If I left you inside in the forest, I think you will forget the way, how to come out from the forest.

welcome point nuhash pollinuhash pallihumayun ahameddighi lilabotiNuhash Polli was made by a famous Bangladeshi writer Humayun Ahmed. When you enter the gate, you will see the statue of a mother and son. He decorated this place with his own hand, made a beautiful lake in this place and named it “Dighi Lilaboti”, where you will see a line from his poem “Noyon tomare chayna dekhite Royecho noyone noyone, He made a nice bridge with wood and bamboo on the lake. He Designed Few houses with different Name.

nuhash polli parknuhash polli tree house

nuhash polli lakedeb shishu

A house he made and named it “BhootBilash” to enjoy the horrible environment. He also made another house and named it “Brishti Bilash” to enjoy the sounds of the rain from the still roof. There is a big green open field in the spot. He also built up some small houses on the tree as like nest.  A beautiful pool also there but not open for tourist. He made A fish girl “Mathshay Konna” on the water and a devil attacking her.  There are about 250 Species local and foreign trees he planted here. He was a famous film, drama maker and he made a lot of dramas and films in this spot.

noyon tomare chay na dekhite royecho noyone noyonechess board nuhash polli

swimming pool nuhash pollishoytan nuhash polli

To know more details about Nuhash Polli you can visit the link

How to go there:

By Bus:

From Dhaka Gulistan, you have to take the bus what will go to Kapashia, Or you can choose the Provati Banasri Bus to go to Hotapara. From Hotapara, there are a lot of rickshaws or van driver who will reach you at Nuhash Polli.

And from Mohakhali bus stand, you can choose Down Town, Samrat line, Rajdut Paribahan to go to Hotapara. From there, you need to ride on a rickshaw or van to go to Nuhash Polli.

By Train:

The fastest way to go there via Train. From Kamalapur or Airport Railway Station, you need to purchase a ticket for Joydebpur Station. From joydebpur station, you then need to ride on a rickshaw or CNG to go to Gazipur Chawrasta. After reaching Gazipur Chawrasta, you can now ride on a Laguna to go to Nuhashpolli directly or you can go to hotapara through a local bus or Laguna. From hotapara, you need a rickshaw or van to go to Nuhash Polli.