Monpura Island
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Monpura Island

Monpura is a beautiful island in Bangladesh, located in Bhola District. The famous film “Monpura” it’s shooting was completed here. The film was directed by Gias Uddin Salim. After the Monpura film released “Monpura island” became popular.

monpura islandstorm in monpura

It’s a small island where lives few peoples and their main profession is catching fish from the river. When storm effects on the island, it becomes horrible.

If you are a thirsty traveler you can go there for a refreshment island tour. There is available mobile network so you don’t need to worry about mobile connectivity. There is no electricity in this island, But generator services are available for the night time. When the sun goes away the full environment turned into a silent island. Only a few peoples keep busy in the tea stall, where you can spend an enjoyable gossiping moment with the fisherman and old man. They discuss the Bangladeshi politics, Cricket, each other problems and the solutions. The island peoples are really awesome with their simple life. They do not dream about the luxurious life like the town people. They just work for their food and living. You can have a great moment if you hear their simple life story.

monpura launch ghatfrom monpura island

Where to Stay:

There’s no high-class hotel in this isolated island But you can stay there with local people by requesting them. They are simple people without having high demand therefor you don’t need to worry about living.

Some local people built few cottage type room for tourist. You can stay there with low price.


Fish is the main food. You can have a different type of fishes in your meal. You can also have chicken. If u wanna arrange bar-b-q party u need to pre -order them.

How to go there:


From Dhaka:

There is no direct by road to go there. You must go to Sadarghat for Bhola Launh. After a long river journey u will finally reach at Monpura Ghat.

From Bhola:

You can go there via local engine boat or speed boat.

If you need more information about the Monpura Union please visit this link