mahamaya lake
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Mahamaya lake:

Mahamaya lake is the 2nd largest lake in Bangladesh. It is very beautiful but an artificial lake. After Rangamati Kaptai lake, this lake is the largest in this county. Kaptai lake is the largest Natural lake located in Rangamati District under Chittagong Division. Mahamaya is too little then kaptai but it’s the 2nd largest with 11 square kilometer area.  This lake is totally artificial but you will feel the nature from here. Tourist can ride a boat to enjoy the lake like kaptai lake.

boat on mohamaya lake

You will see few waterfalls which is really awesome for tourists. You can take a break near waterfalls. If you wanna take a bath with waterfall you can do it But it’s too slippy so, you must be careful near this waterfall.

mohamaya lake top hill

You can trek to the hill to reach on the top hill and breath like the king of the hill.It’s not so far from Dhaka. Just about 200 km away near Dhaka Chittgong Highway.  So, people can easily go there. When you touch the water you will feel better, The water is very neat and clean like crystal clear .  You can even wash your mouth and take a bath with this water. There are some green high hills in the lake.

How to go there:

By Bus:

From Dhaka: You need to go to Saidabad bus stands for Mirsharai. There are lot of buses for Chittagong. Ac, Non-Ac. You just need to purchase a ticket for Chittagong, You have to leave your bus at Mirsharai Bus Stand. From there, you need to hire a CNG to go to Mohamaya lake.

By Train:

You can go there via the train. From Dhaka, kamalapur or airport station you will find train for chittagong. You have to leave your train at mirsharai. You can also leave your train at Feni. From feni you need again a bus journey for mirshari. After that you have to hire a cng to reach you at Mahamaya lake.

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