Landscape photography tips
Suptodhara Jhorna
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Landscape Photography tips, In this article I am gonna share with you 10 outstanding tips to improve your landscape photography. These landscape photography technique for beginner to professional. Sometimes, I see that professional also make mistakes.

So, Let’s get Start


1.Get Out and Do it

landscape photography

st martinFor the very first thing in that thing, people screwed up the most is they just don’t get out and do it. Landscape photography tips exactly are only as good as the place you are. And so many people they just don’t dedicate the time to go out and do it. So, It’s very important that you have to be there first.

2. Be there when the light is Good

bandarban niligi landscapeIt doesn’t have to be the big dramatic attack sunset which doesn’t hurt but anything that is different in normal. The reason that those middle of the day photos is normal. Everybody take their photos and post it facebook and other social networking sites. The reason is those not good because they are just so normal. There is the type of light we see all day long.

landscape photographyThe type of light the more myths the more special it is for the better photoshoot. In sunrise and sunshine, we get different light and the different pattern. And if you use them in a proper way that will be dramatic for landscape photography tips.

Chera dwipAnything that is interesting and the different from normal. That’s gonna be type of light you gonna shoot it. So, Shooting in Light is a big thing.

3. Seasonality

nilfamari kuashaAnother thing is you wanna keep in mind what time you are in your country. I mean everything is seasonal. In Autumn we see all flowers, In the rainy season, we sometimes see the rain and the cloudy sky.

Similarly, In summer we get enough light, In winter we get the cold environment. You need to focus on the season first. So, whatever season you are in thinking about what’s gonna be photogenic for your time in a season. So, Think it seasonally when you go out and take your landscape shots.

 foggy weather

4. Post Processing

One of the biggest mistakes that usually people do especially when they learn Lightroom. They, insert the photo into Lightroom and bring down highlight and increase the shadow. The problem is that they just kill all the natural contrast they have in their landscape photography. So you shouldn’t do that. Don’t touch the natural brightest part and the natural darkest part.

waterfall bangladeshSo, what will you do?

You can work with locally. In photoshop you can adjust all the part by using the layer. If you just need to increase the skylight just do it with a new layer rather than increasing all the light of your whole picture.

5. Focus Stacking

Focus stacking comes and plays when it’s difficult to get enough depth of field to get all the thing in sharp properly in focus in front to back.

landscape photography

Landscape Photography Tips

So, If you want to be really technical about which you do it, take a series of photos. So, set up your composition, work on your tripod you can use something like f-13, f-16 to where your lens still very sharp and then take a shot where you focus on the background. Take another shot where you focus a little closer the camera and take the closest point insight your frame. So, Open up those photos in photoshop and work on getting a perfectly sharp photo.


Landscape Photography

6. Get a Tripod and Remote release

Sometimes you need to add a tripod to get a perfectly sharp landscape photos. In the low light environment, It will give you a better result. While taking waterfall shot or sunset shot you can use a tripod to get a better view even in the low light environment.

DSC_6181If you face very low light environment you then just need to use the remote release in order to get a perfect shot. Because in the low light environment we need to use low shutter speed to get light in the camera sensor and for using that while we pressing the shutter even with the tripod setup the camera shakes. So, Use remote release to get the solution.

beautiful bandarban7. Wake up early


Get in up early and get in out in common places of the very start of the day is one of the most satisfying things you can do. You will get 5 benefits in getting up early and get out.

  1. You will get amazing location, no people, no traffic, no noise.
  2. Amazing sunrise you will get with the nice horizon if you in the beach you can take a better landscape.
  3. You will get a massive sense of composition, different pattern of sunshine.
  4. For your health, you will get a better refresh weather for your health and fitness.
  5. You can have a great day. If you start your day on the very first morning you will even get a better sleep at the end of the day.

Chera Dwip

8. Don’t try too hard

darjeelingDo it smoothly, do not always hurry or hardly. Get out in a place, spend some time with nature. Match yourself with the environment. Setup your tripod Choose which angle you gonna shoot your landscape. Think about the better view first and then go to the next step. Most of the photographer they do the biggest mistakes, they don’t even set their camera. In order to get a better landscape, you must take it smoothly and match yourself with the environment first.

9. Use filters

sea beach bashbariaLet’s talk about Filters. Many photographers avoid using filters. But you will get some benefits by using a filter. In landscape photography tips sometimes we need a dramatic view. A filter can help to make your photo more dramatic and outstanding.

bandarban, nilachol10. Create Depth

SunsetWhen you set up your shot remember to try to create depth in the image. In landscape, Depth is the main thing. You need to focus all the thing and get sharp all the things in your images. So, Create the depth you can do that by adding different elements whether it can be human or an object. Do not just crop it. Increase the aperture value and focus all the things, do not just use single focus. Have a look at your viewfinder and zoom out capture the things you see.