khaiachora waterfall trekking
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Khaiachora Waterfall, Mirsharai

Khaiachora Waterfall in Mirsharai is a beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. There are around 7 parts of this waterfall. It is located at the Mirsharai Union in Chittagong division. You need a long trekking to go there via the deep heel forest. You can’t go there without a guide if u don’t know the way. If you are new, I strongly suggest you bring a guide for your trekking. You need to walk around 2 hours with a slim bamboo to protect you from slipping. Don’t bring heavy luggage with you, when you track. You may use canvas for long walking. Don’t take heavy food before start the trekking, you will feel tired. There is an available guide who are ready to guide you. If you just pay them 400-500 they will support your whole day for your khaiachora mission.

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Bathing with khaiachoraBiggest waterfallJhiripathKhaiachora waterfall forest


How to go there?

By Bus:


Via Bus

From Dhaka Saidabad bus stand, you will find a lot of buses for Chittagong. You just need a ticket for Chittagong to reach Bartakiya Bazar at Mirsharai on Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. When you reached Bartakiya Bazar you then need to use the khaiachara road. Near from Bartakiya bazar at Bartakiya bypass road. From Bartakiya you will see a CNG stand to go to Rail gate. The fare is not so high, just around 50-60 tk. After reaching here, you just then need a guide to go to Khaiachara Waterfall.

By Train:


Via Train

From Dhaka Kamalapur Railway station or Airport station, you need to purchase a ticket for Feni.  After reaching Feni, you need to again ride on a bus to go to Mirsharai Bartakiya Bazar stand. From bartakiay you need to ride on a CNG to go to the rail gate point.  From here, you have to arrange a guide who will support to go to Khaiachara waterfall. Guides are available so, you don’t need to worry about that.

If you need more information about khaiachara you can visit this link

Last time when I went there, I recorded this video.