Improving photography skills
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Improving Photography skills are crucial for getting more knowledge from different websites. Sadly, most photography guides are too technical for new users to get started. If you are serious about improving photography skills, then you can pay attention to my blog.

Here in my blog, you will learn through my traveling experience. In this article, I will share with you the best tips to help improving photography skills for you.

You might have heard experts saying that Photography is a Great Profession for those people who loves Travel, make creative things. This is actually why a lot of people choose this Profession. First of all, you need to love photography before entering into this profession. If you love this profession, you can easily improving photography skills.

Without loving your profession you can’t be a Good Photographer too.

Nowadays, A huge number of people purchase DSLR to take photos for their friends and family. Among them, some also purchase DSLR to be a professional photographer. But, After a few months, they sell their camera.

It’s not easy things to be a good photographer within just a few months. To be a Famous photographer, you need a lot of patience. You have to be very diligent for improving photography skills.

However, After Purchasing a new DSLR, amateur faces a lot of difficulties How to Operate it?

In this article, I will explain 10 Easy ways to improving photography skills. If you follow all the ways listed below, you can easily take a good photograph without facing a bit problem.

1. Practice:

Improving Photography Skills

There is a proverb, practice makes a man perfect. You need huge practices to be a good photographer. whenever you feel free, go with your camera and choose a subject to do your photography with the different mode.

Take few shots on one subject with a different mode. Take a single photo in a different time with the different mode, and finally, compare all, which is the best photograph you think? In this way, you can easily compare your progress. So, it’s very important things, just keep practicing.

2. Raw Mode:

Try to take your photos always in RAW mode. You will get the complete control in your image. I was always taking photos with JPEG mode. I heard a lot of benefits with RAW mode but I didn’t care because of the Image size. If you Take your photos with RAW mode, your photos will be large rather than JPEG format.

RAW files are extremely rich in Data. Your sensor will capture everything such as light, color, shadows, white balance, temperature, tone everything without compress your image. You can fully control all the element when you edit your photos. But, in JPEG format, when you press the shutter you will get only the compressed image.

3. Aperture Priority:

You can control your depth of field with Aperture. We see some of the blurry photos just focused in a foreground,  Such as A sharp face but all the things are blurry, it’s just for adjusting the aperture. Aperture adjusts to the opening in the lens that allows light through to the sensor.

The wider the aperture, the more light you allow into the sensor. On the other hand, The smaller the aperture, the few light you allow into the sensor. You can fully control your Depth of field by increasing or decreasing your aperture. Aperture is essential for Bokeh picture too.

You can control your aperture by setting your f-stop number. Remember that, aperture number f-stop is inversely proportional, meaning the lower the aperture number the wider the aperture. Lower f-stop number such as f-1.8 allow you a greater amount of light to hit your sensor.

So, you can take your photos with lower aperture number in lower light places. But you will get the narrow depth of field photos. Similarly, If you increase the aperture number such as f-15 you will get a few light to hit your sensor, meaning the wider the aperture number the smaller the aperture value.

You must take your photos with the huge light environment by increasing your f-stop number. Yes, You will get the full depth of field in your frame by increasing your f-stop number.

To know more about aperture visit the link

4. Light:

Light is very important things in photography. You can’t think a photo without even a bit light. So, you should know how to adjust light before taking the shots. To adjust light settings, you have to focus on aperture, shutter, and ISO.

  • Aperture-

If you increase the aperture number such as f-15 you will get the low light into the sensor. Similarly, if you Decrease the aperture number such as f-2 you will get the higher light into the sensor.

  • Shutter-

If you increase the Shutter speed such as 1/2000 you will get the low light into the sensor. Similarly, If you decrease the shutter speed such as 1/20 you will get the greater amount of lights into the sensor.

  • ISO-

If you Increase the ISO number as 2000/4000 you can create more artificial light for your sensor while taking photos in low light or night shot.

5. Exposure:

Exposure is an another very important element in photography. You can’t avoid it while taking your shots. You have to control exposure in different lighting. A properly exposed photo must have perfect lighting. You may take your photo with over exposed meaning, heavy lighting image, you can even take your shots with under expose meaning lackings of the light image.

It depends on your demand.Whatever you want, you must control your exposure before taking the shot. But a correct exposed image must have balance light. You need to control the shutter speed, aperture, ISO to maintain the exposure. You can even increase and decrease the value of (EV) settings to up and down the light.

6. Easy to use your Gear:

Purchase that gear which can be comfortable for you. Do not purchase heavy gear or heavy lenses if you feel uncomfortable to use. Learn how to handle the camera? How to take the shots with comfort? Use the small bag to protect your gear. Purchase a tripod that you feel easy to carry.

7. Settings Check:

Always check your settings before taking the shots. I strongly suggest you that, when you leave your home check all the settings before coming to the place where you will start your shooting. On the other hand, you might face a lot of difficulties after finished your shots.

While leaving your home for shooting, check the memory card, take some photos in your home, release your memory if you want, check the battery with fully charged, take some gear cleaner inside the camera bag, check the lens hood etc.

8. Steady on your Shot:

You need a tripod or monopod to steady on your shot while taking a photo in a low light environment. In order to get a properly exposed photo, you must need to control everything. In dark situation, you need to remain your shutter open longer to get all the things in your photo.

But the problem is, while you pressing the shutter release button, your camera will shake and the output will be not good. To solve this problem, you need a tripod or monopod and a shutter release remote for your gear.

9. Editing Software:

After taking the shots, you now need to edit your photo. I strongly recommend you to use Adobe photoshop and lightroom. These are the best software for photo editing. You can also use, picasa, photoscape,, sumopain and a lot more. Complete some course on photoshop or lightroom. You can even learn from online video tutorial such as Lynda, youtube etc.

10. Keep learning:

Above all, Keep learning. Watch video tutorial created by the famous photographer. Read blogs, newspaper, talk peoples who are professional photographers. Try to attend event, seminar, competition, photo exhibition. Watch photo gallery, read famous photography books.


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