hum hum rainy season
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Hum Hum waterfall is a beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. It’s located in Razkandi reserve forest at Srimangal Upazila in MoulviBazar District. The waterfall was discovered in 2010.

hum hum waterfallsrimongol tea garden monumentActually, this is a place where you can feel the taste of real nature. Above all, You will enjoy the beauty of the deep forest while walking inside the forest. However, The height of the fall is around 135-160 Feet.

hum hum jhornahumhum jhorna

You can even reach the top part of the fall. But it’s too much risky to go there. To get the best view of the fall you need to visit during the rainy season.

hamham jhiripathtrekking humhum

In my opinion, the fall becomes more powerful during rainy monsoon. However, you must start your journey in the early morning to go there accordingly back from there. No doubt, it’s very important.

Hum Hum Waterfall

humhum waterfallhamham jhorna

How to go there:

srimongol zigzag track

By Bus:

From Dhaka Saidabad Bus Stand, you first need to purchase a ticket for Srimongol, there are lot of public transport at Saidbad for Srimongol (Hanif, Shamoli, Sohag, Unique, Mamun Enterprise etc)

  • Hanif Paribahan- Cell: 01713-402673 (Saidabad)
  • Shyamoli Paribahan- Cell: 0171-8075541 (Saidabad)
  • Mamun Enterprise- Cell: 01718438732 (Saidabad)


By Train:

From Kamalapur or Airport Station, You need to purchase a ticket for Srimongol Station. After Reaching Srimongol you then need to hire a Cng or Chander Gari to go to Kamlakanda. It will take an hour to reach Kamalakanda.

From Kamalakanda, At this point, you have to hire a guide who will guide you to go to the point through the deep forest.Finally, It will take 2-3 hours to go there by trekking. You also need a bamboo which will protect you from the slipping area.

Remember that, do not take heavy lunch before start the trekking. Of course, You can have Bread, banana, cold drinks.  Don’t carry with you heavy luggage while trekking. In addition, bring with you some waters otherwise your trekking will be too much difficult.

In conclusion, You will feel the whole adventure in your life. Above all, a Rememberable adventure in your life.

To know more details about Hum Hum Waterfall you can visit the link.

Here is the HumHum Waterfall in Rainy and normal both Season.