how to edit video in lightroom
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If you look at Basic video editing software for your homemade or unprofessional clips, then Lightroom will be a great option for you. It gives you much more control than any other basic video editing software.

Other’s primary video editing software doesn’t give us better control, on the other hand, advance level video editing software is both expensive and it needs a lot of time to learn.

So, It’s difficult to choose the perfect one for some people for their homemade video who really doesn’t have any idea.

Peoples like Adobe photoshop lightroom because of it’s perfect for when you adjust the simple color and the tonal adjustment for your short film, slideshow or any other basic editing. It’s really easy to use.

Though Lightroom is developed mainly for photo editing software from Adobe It has fairly restricted video tools. You won’t see more options like other basic video editing software has.

You can just adjust the video looks of your clips from the develop panel in library mode.

Let’s start How to edit video in Lightroom?

Step 1

Open the Lightroom program, Click on import videos like the way you import photos from your memory card/hard drive. It will bring the videos like photos you import into Lightroom.

To start your editing hover your mouse onto a clip in library mode. (To search just for videos Click on the smart collection named video files from the collection panel. You will be able to see all the videos you have ever added to your Lightroom catalogue.) To see your video clips in loupe view, just press E from your keyboard. Then select the small circle symbol to see the trimmable view of your click.

Step 2

Since you can’t work on video in develop mode, sneak in some piece of writing by capturing a still frame and so delivery it into develop. Drag over the playhead to your frame that carries the clip’s adjustment.

Step 3

Now choose your captured frame, after choosing the captured frame you need to click on develop for the next stage. Now the magic will work. Here’s you can change vibrance, adjust contrast, white balance, black and white, even you can adjust the curves. (Note: You can’t adjust like a video editing software. But you can do a basic work.) After complete all the adjustment drag over to the preset panel and click on the circled area to make a preset for the video.

Step 4

Go back to library mode. Choose your clip and right click from the mouse. Select Develop settings and select the preset what you made. After that lightroom software will automatically apply all the things you just made and give you a whole video. In this way, we can learn how to edit video in Lightroom?

Final Step:

export video

Once your video looks perfect whatever you wanted, just trim it. Position the starting point for your video, then drag the clips from left to right. It will automatically stop where you put it. Do the similar things to mark the ends point. Finally, share it, click on the export button and then scroll down to the video.