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Flower Photography

Are you looking for a solution on flower photography? Here in this article, I shared some tips, follow these tips and improve yourself.

Flower photography is just about the most explored region of dabbler photography, Though, the outcomes for many persons never feel with what they saw. Flowers are willing topics and lend themselves completely well to being photographed. Spring and summer give huge probable to capture stunning plant and flower photography. However, For some people who don’t know photography, I am gonna share 11 Awesome Secretes to improve their flower photography.


We all people normally start to see everything at eye level, just what exactly you will finish up with are photos that are very often just annoying photos. So that, to make flower photographs that are a bit more creative and dynamic, you must need to change your perspective just a little.

flower photography

You may choose to click along at the flower, or possible click from your knees so that you are shooting from the same height as the flowers, and maybe even lying down and shooting up at the flowers. Don’t just simply take your photos constantly at your eye level. Change your perspective and take the shots from a different angle.

2.Weather Challenge

In Spring, Every day is not a sunshine blue sky day. In that case, Don’t worry normal or cloudy weather is also suitable for flower photography. If you sometimes find the Sun, Take the benefit of the stunning colors in the sky only as the sun is going to rise or immediately after sunset. Compose the picture of the flower showing the setting sunshine and sky to create a very dramatic image. People usually take the photos behind the sun. Don’t do that always. Take the benefits, capture your image with the background sunshine.

Palash Flower

3. Set your Gear

In that cases, sometimes you need tripod or others help to take your shot. Use Tripod or just on your knees you can take the photo. Change your Point of view. Move and find out the perfect angle take more and more photos from the different angle. Do not always take your shot with the same style. Sometimes you need to lie down or you need to increase the height of your tripod to take the better view of your best shot.

red flowerHaving down on your own knees shows a distinct perspective of the environment, and opens a fresh horizon meant for your flower photography.

25802904881_6dcc6b53b3_o4. Light Setup

You will not get always bright sunny day. In that cases, Set up the light if you have. If the weather goes dark you must add the flash to take your perfect shot. You can also play with your shutter speed and ISO in the lower light environment. But in that cases, you won’t get the perfect sharp photo. What you will get, with a lot of noise in your images for using the higher ISO. Use light set up, in the low light environment to get a perfect noiseless photo.

DSC_85505. Camera Settings 

If you don’t know the settings, you can go with the auto mode. Or you can just select portrait photographs from your default settings option. Some camera also has default flower photography option. Select it to get the automatic settings. But in that case, you might not get the right shot. The image will automatically capture with the sensor. So try to do a manual setup to get the perfect shot in any environmental situation. Have a look at your camera user manual. Or you can google it to get a lot of ideas about camera settings for your camera model.

DSC_8295Normally, if you feel the lackings of light, lower down your shutter speed. Increase the aperture value and a bit ISO. For dark environment just use a flashlight. You will get better result.

DSC_88966. Add Some Water

This will help you to give your photo a Dramatic View. If you’re out shooting soon after a rainfall shower or early each morning when there is dew on the blooms, it’s already been done for you. In that cases, just take your photos without thinking anything. On the hand, you can add it yourself with the help of a little spray bottle. You can also get some benefits after spraying the flowers. If you find dust on the flower the water will wash it. You will get a neat and clean flower with water drops. And the picture will give you a natural fresh view.

DSC_27497. Remote Release

In the low light environment, you need to lower your shutter to get more lights into your camera sensor. But when you lower your shutter you will get shaking or blurry image. Because You can’t take your shot without a bit movement. That is a big problem for the low light environment to get a perfect shot. In that cases, to get the perfect flower photography, you need to use a remote release. It’s a simple device, not much expensive. Just add it to your camera body and take your shot without touching your camera. In this way, you can get a perfectly sharp photo under the low light environment.

com8. Depth of Field

The depth of field is very Important in order to get a perfect sharp flower photography. In that cases, if you want only the sharp flower and the blurry background you need to use shallow depth of field. I mean, lower aperture value i.e f- 1.8, f-2 etc. The lower aperture you will use you will get a shallow depth of field. Or if you increase the aperture value i.e f-10, f-15 you will get the full depth of field which means both subject and the object are clearly visible. But I suggest you that for flower photography don’t do that. Shallow your depth of field means lower your aperture value, set your focus on the flower and when you clearly see the sharp flower with the viewfinder just press your shutter button. You will get a perfect sharp flower photo with a blurry background.Awesome natural photo

9. Get Closer

Getting closer is another part of flower photography. Though flower is a non-moving object. So, you don’t need to worry about that while you think about moving object i.e. bird, animal etc. On the hand, to get a perfect shallow depth of field photo you need to get closer or you can use your zoom lens to get closer to your subject.
Get closer as much as you can and change your point of view. Take few trial shots to get the perfect angle.

close flower photography10. Point Of View

Check the angel when you’re taking your shot. Use a tripod when it’s needed. Lie down, or kneel down in some places to get the perfect point of view. Point of view is very important for flower photography, not only just for flower photography but also every photography. A good point of view can make your image much better. Don’t avoid this. Without a good point of view, your shot will be useless.

IMG_20130509_18104511. Keep Practicing

Flower photography natural hd
bon begun flower

DSC_5837Above all Keep practicing. It’s not possible to be a good photographer just from few days click. You need to run a long distance. Don’t think about shutter count. Just click whenever you see a flower or anything. Change your settings, point of view and take the shots. In this way, one day you will be a good photographer.

There is a proverb called practice makes the man a perfect. So, whenever you get a chance, just keep clicking from various angle. Love flowers and love to take flower photography. Let’s start your shot. Happy Clicking.

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