Darjeeling tourisim
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Darjeeling Tourism systems are much better and you will enjoy the beautiful mountain view. You can even touch the cloud whenever you want and don’t forget to bring with you warm clothes before entering Darjeeling.

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How to go there from Bangladesh: 

The easiest way to go there through Chengra bandha port near Siliguri. If you have a visa with Chengra bandha port entrance, you can easily go there. Without a visa, passport don’t think to go there. If you don’t have a visa passport don’t worry.


The process is quite easy, first, you need a passport. To get a passport contact with your nearest passport office. Within one month, you can generally get a passport with the amount of 3,000 to 3,500 Taka on the hand if you need it emergency you have to spend double amount to get it within just 15 days.

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Prepare all the documents and apply for a passport from your nearest local passport office.

You can visit here http://www.passport.gov.bd/ to get more information about getting a passport.

After complete your passport you then need to apply for Indian visa with all the requesting documents they asked. Right now you don’t need any E-token system difficulty. Simply you can get the visa by providing all the valid documents they want. You can also get more information from there website https://indianvisaonline.gov.in Remember to mention the entrance port as chengrabandha, to go to Darjeeling easily also mention By bus/Air as transport when u fill up the form.



Darjeeling Tourism


Anyway, After got the Indian visa you need to purchase a ticket for Chengrabandha port. Then when you reached Chengrabandha port you need to cross the customs and immigration of both countries. You have to pay 500 taka for Travel tax in Bangladeshi customs.

After you processed all the required formalities, Now, you are in the land of India. First of all, you have to hire an auto rickshaw to go to Siliguri bus stand, then you need to search for a hotel.

Rickshaw puller will also help you to find the best hotel with your demand. Or, you can directly go to Darjeeling. But it will be a heavy journey for you.


From Siliguri bus stand, you will find a lot of Jeep Car for Darjeeling sharing basis with 120 Rs or you can hire the full jeep for Darjeeling.

Now, you are on the way to Darjeeling A dangerous zigzag roads u need to cross on the High hill beside cloud.