Paharpur Somapura Mahavihara, A Buddhist Bihar in Nowgaon.

Paharpur Somapura Mahavihara  is an ancient Bihar In Bangladesh.It's located at paharpur village in Nawgaon District Under Rajshahi Division. The most and famous tourist spot, where you can feel the ancient flavor in every...

Shoilo Propat, An amazing waterfall in Bandarban.

 Shoilo Propat is an amazing waterfall in Bandarban where lives different types of tribal people. Bandarban is the district for natural beauty with the full hill views. Maximum waterfalls situated at Bandarban in the...
shonargaon musioum

Shonargaon Museum

Shonargaon Museum Shonargaon Museum, Shonargaon was the old capital of Bangladesh. There are a folk art and craft museum for the thirsty traveler who looks for history.Yes, it's a historical place with a lot of...
Nuhash Palli

Nuhash Polli, Humayun Ahmed Shooting Spot.

Nuhash Polli Nuhash Polli is a natural tourist spot located at Pirujalai Village, the largest village in Bangladesh near Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. From Gazipur to Hotapara, it's distance all about 12 km away. From Hotapara bazar to...

Khaiachora Waterfall, Beautiful waterfall with Trekking

Khaiachora Waterfall, Mirsharai Khaiachora Waterfall in Mirsharai is a beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. There are around 7 parts of this waterfall. It is located at the Mirsharai Union in Chittagong division. You need a long trekking...
mohamaya lake

Mahamaya Lake, The 2nd largest lake in Bangladesh.

Mahamaya lake: Mahamaya lake is the 2nd largest lake in Bangladesh. It is very beautiful but an artificial lake. After Rangamati Kaptai lake, this lake is the largest in this county. Kaptai lake is the...
Monpura Island

Monpura Island, A beautiful Dwip in Bhola District.

Monpura Island Monpura is a beautiful island in Bangladesh, located in Bhola District. The famous film "Monpura" it's shooting was completed here. The film was directed by Gias Uddin Salim. After the Monpura film released...
Nijhum Dwip

Nijhum Dwip A silent Island of Bangladesh.

Nijhum Dwip Nijhum Dwip  An Island, The meaning of Nijhum is very quite, silent. An amazing perfect name for this beautiful island. The full environment of this island is really awesome with a beautiful Sea...

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