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Sylhet, Goain GhatBisanakandi and Panthumai is the most beautiful attraction in Bangladesh. It’s located near the India border in Sylhet District. Mainly Bisanakndi is a village and the union of the village is Gowainghat. India border is surrounded by the high hill with a beautiful landscape view, on the other hand, Bangladesh has all the flat land. In rainy season clouds hugging the high mountain and creates an outstanding view.


Rainy season is the perfect time for Bisanakandi. You need to use Trawler to go there but in winter season the water level goes down from the river so It’s difficult to run trawler in that time. You can also go there by your own foot. It’s too much far away from the Goain Ghat. you need to walk around 30 to 40 minutes to go there besides the India border.

In the rainy season, the water looks pretty good on the large stone. Water comes from an Indian waterfall and it goes to the river through a Jhiri with a range of stone. And here people enjoy the beauty, they take bath, pass their beautiful time and take a lot of photos.

The water is very neat and clean. You can easily see the bottom part of the water by its sharpness. While walk on the stone be careful because it’s too much slippy area. The water is cold and there is no dust in the water.

How to go Bisanakandi:

From Sylhet Near Ambarkhana, There are a lot of CNG and Laguna are available to go to Goain Ghat. Bisanakandi is almost 25 Km away from Sylhet. You can go there via the airport road and turn left to reach hadarpar. Though the road is now in a very bad situation. You will face some difficulty to go there. In the rainy season, the road becomes useless. So, prepare yourself that you will face a journey difficulty.

After Reaching Goainghat via CNG or Laguna. You can now take your meal here. Then hire a boat or Trawler to go to Bisanakandi directly.

How to go Sylhet:

Sylhet StationFrom Dhaka, you can go to Sylhet via Train, airplane, and Bus.

To go to via train you need to purchase a ticket from komolapur station or airport station. You can also purchase your ticket from online. Click on the link to purchase the ticket with the train schedule You will need 6 to 8 hrs to go to Sylhet via train.

To go to Via Air. Book your ticket from online or the local agency and take your seat from Hazrat Shahjalal Airport. Within 30 to 40 minutes you will reach in Sylhet via Air.


To go to Sylhet via bus, There is a range of bus services are available at Saidabad and Mohakhali bus stand. Shamoly, Hanif, Unique, Green Line, Ena, S, Al Saudia. The Fair range is almost 500 To 1100 Taka with different classes. The time will take around 6 to 8 hrs.

Things To Do In Bisanakandi:

  • You can take a range of photos with the mountain view.
  • Feel An outstanding Nature with hill view.
  • Enjoy a range of stone.
  • Take a cold bath
  • Enjoy the tribal life
  • Journey by boat

What About Food:

There is no high-class hotel in Bisanakandi. So, you have to take your food with the local people. You can have your food at a reasonable price.

DSC_1382Where to Stay:

There is a range of Hotel Services in Sylhet Near Majargate.

Hotel Gulshan, Hotel Payra, Hotel Ajmir, Hotel Al Amin, Hotel Darga View

Hotel Panama, Hotel Rose View, Hotel Taj Mahal, Hotel Palash, Hotel Supreme and So On


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