art painting ideas
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Art painting ideas today I am gonna share an article where I will give you some ideas about art and painting. A lot of times a lot of abstract artists don’t usually have the inspiration or the ideas needed to create a beautiful painting and a lot of times we as artists we need to practice our idea.

So, the best thing is to just take out our cameras and create different shapes different lines combine them together use different tools just whatever comes to mind. Create whatever you have in your head and the main idea in this practice is not to think at all and just do whatever comes to mind.

art paint

Art Painting Ideas

A lot of times it’s not going to turn out what just like you wanted but You practice your freestyle and that’s the main thing.

Exercising your thought process while you are working on the painting is just one of those things that you must do. It’s all you will get a hang of it and actually becomes fun.

art paint treemy mind I have different themes that I have done before previously and those themes you know, I sometimes I bind them, sometimes I just go with something new.

It does help to have some type of idea or something to shoot from something to kind of you have to have some sort of foundation in other words and gain this foundation is you have to look at other works,

art lightother artists work kind of making mental notes on what you like what you don’t like and use your imagination to combine those ideas together.


The beauty of abstract art is to experiment with different ideas and different tools, for example,

using sharpened or feather versus using the actual feather soft hand to create different effects.

Different designs yeah, practice your imagination look around you look at different tools and see how they,

How you can use them utilize them in your painting

art and paint

art painting ideas

For example, If you go to like a grocery store or a hardware store look around to see what selling.

Especially taken out of the surfaces different surface what elements have different surfaces, and how you utilize them either by dipping those surfaces and paint

or use light molding paste or crackle effect in your painting and then apply those different surfaces.

Now keep in mind that what I am writing, right now is just the practice is brainstorming

I have in reality, I have too much on the canvas.

I have too many colors too many things going on ideally the less you have the fewer elements.

You have the actual the better because the more readable your design the better so keep that in mind.